Anyone that has lived or worked in Southern Ontario or any decent stretch of time knows just how extreme the wind and weather can get – and nothing wears down a roof system faster than Mother Nature acting aggressively.   Thankfully, though, with the help of our Roofers at Arms Etobicoke metal roof repair services you won’t have to worry about wind, weather, and anything else damaging your roof and sneaking into your home.

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It All Starts with a Metal Roof Inspection

Inspecting a metal roof is a little different than inspecting a traditional roof made with asphalt shingles, but our experts have a lot of experience working with both of these materials (and pretty much anything else roofs are made of, too).  

After you call and schedule a free Etobicoke metal roof estimate, we dispatch and inspection team to your home to have a closer look at the task at hand.  

Our experts aren’t just going to check the roof from ground level, though.  

No, we are going to run ladders up to your roof and have a look around – and all of our Roofers at Arms inspection teams are also armed with high definition cameras to take snapshots of what we find.  

We’ll report back to you any issues we have discovered and will use the information we collect to give you an accurate estimate and to draw up our repair or replacement plans.

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Full Etobicoke Metal Roof Repair and Replacement Services

Unlike some of the other Etobicoke metal roofing companies in the area, we have all the tools, technology, and materials needed to pull off successful metal roof repair and total replacement projects in house.  

We’ll use the information collected during the inspection to analyze weak spots, to find out what needs to be shored up and what needs to be replaced completely, and then we will design a metal roof that works for your structure – and your budget.  

We can also do patches, partial replacements, cleaning and maintenance as well as general repairs, too!

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We’ll send our team out straightaway for a free inspection and estimate and can get rocking and rolling and repairing or rebuilding your metal roof just as soon as you give the green light!

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